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Our Plans

Choose our Weekly Plan and reserve specific time blocks each week for the best value or choose our Pay As You Go Plan if you only need access on an irregular and infrequent basis.

Time Blocks

Our Weekly Plan is based on the following time blocks,
which are available to book 7 days a week.

Weekly Plan

✓ Most Common Plan
✓ $100 One-Time Setup Fee
✓ Minimum of 2 Time Blocks Per Week
✓ Security Deposit based on number of time blocks


$755 hours
  • Exam / Consulting Room
  • 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM


$755 hours
  • Exam / Consulting Room
  • 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM


$604 hours
  • Exam / Consulting Room
  • 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

✓ Price is per private exam/consulting room and includes use of all common areas, CAMs, Utilities, Janitorial, Taxes and WiFi Internet.
✓ MA Stations or IV Therapy Stations can be added for $25 per day-time block or $20 per evening block or can be added on an as-needed basis for $10/hr per station.

Pay As You Go Plan

✓ $100 One-Time Setup Fee
✓ $200 Security Deposit
✓ No Minimum Weekly or Monthly Requirements
✓ Book and Pay Online

Service Cost
Membership Fee (Includes 4 hrs/month exam room booking) $50 per week
Private Exam / Consulting Room $25 per hour
MA Station $10 per hour
IV Therapy Station $10 per hour

Additional Resources

Add these optional resources to suit your needs,
regardless of which plan you choose

Large Locker Rental $20 per week
Medium Locker Rental $10 per week
Small Locker Rental $5 per week
Mini Fridge Rental $10 per week
Print & Copy Supplies $5 per week
Terms & Conditions

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If you are an independent professional that provides medical or wellness services to patients/clients and need a professional place to deliver your services, Viva MedSuites might be the perfect solution you haven’t been able to find until now.